Trust. Respect. Independent Thinking.

Tay Waltenbaugh
for PA Senate District 39

This has been a fight for the ages! We've been working to win this seat for ALL the people in Pennsylvania's 39th State Senate District since last June and as of today, we have exactly one month left to finish this fight and restore real trust, real leadership and deliver independent thinking to Harrisburg. We can do this together! Please chip in if you can. $30 for the last 30 days! Let's do this!!! Contribute safely online at #TayForPA #TeamTay

 #31days #FightFor39 


After 39 years in Human Services and working to improve our county and communities, I know the issues we face daily. We have infrastructure needs, blight, population loss and workforce needs, to name a few. My background leads me to assist our communities in a different leadership position, that of state senator of the 39th district.


Support Tay's campaign for PA State Senate by volunteering, attending events or making a donation. Or just reach out to us to find out how you can help.


Feel free at any time to contact me about your community. Please share with me issues and needs, while also highlighting events and good news. My goal is to work hard for all residents while building trust, respect, partnerships and collaborations.

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A gradual increase in the minimum wage, support of a strong union base and reinvestment in our communities  will lift many at the lower end of the income scale out of poverty, increasing the state's tax base and reducing the burden on state-supported public assistance programs.



A properly educated and well-trained workforce leads to better and higher-paying jobs.  Pennsylvania ranks near the bottom in the country in the percentage of funding the state provides to local school districts – a primary contributor to escalating local property taxes.


environment and energy

As an avid outdoors-man, Tay is committed to protecting the land, air and water resources of Pennsylvania. 



Tay believes there can be vast improvements made to the overall tax environment at the state and local levels.  Property tax relief is the top priority.


Health care

Health care in the country and the state is the best in the world.  Health care insurance to cover the costs associated with these excellent services is lacking in many areas and must be improved. This is an ever-changing landscape, but there are actions that can be employed to protect the integrity, availability and affordability of health care delivery.


social issues

Tay served over four decades of his professional career in human services leadership positions in Westmoreland County.  He understands the benefit of providing appropriate and effective human services to help the deserving in need. 


gun ownership rights

As an outdoors-man, hunter and gun owner, Tay supports the rights of responsible gun ownership.  However, there are rules and regulations that constitute the definition of “responsible gun owner” and the rules currently in place must be enforced.



Tay will support programs that directly provide services to veterans (housing, employment, counseling). 


Community Engagement

Tay has spent 39 years working to help others in Westmoreland County. Partnerships, collaborations and volunteers are the glue that holds communities and Westmoreland County together.

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